Original Fusion

The band plays small venues and outdoor events like "Waukesha "Friday Night Live" in Downtown Waukesha, "Taste of Wisconsin" in Kenosha, and "Zoo Ala Carte" at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  We are also available for corporate parties that are looking for something different. Our audiences vary from show to show, but the majority of our fans are 30 and older. We'd like everyone to experience what we have to offer. 

Our writing philosophy is simple and approachable. Creative instrumental arrangements and a solid groove laying down the foundation. Come experience one of our shows and you'll know what we're talking about! We have our sites on a number of venues this coming summer and would like you to join us!

  • Almost Awake0:00
  • New Cleopatra5:26
  • The Perfect Storm0:00
  • Benjamin0:00
  • Red Funk4:53
  • 19446:03

​​We're a Jazz/Fusion quartet composing and performing adult oriented original music. The band is about 11 years old and based out of Milwaukee, WI. We're all professionals during the daytime and that shows in our attitude when it comes to both writing and performance. We have original pieces ready for performance and can easily fill a 4 hour time slot. The band members have all played semi-pro for 30 years or longer covering genres including Motown, Classic Rock, Ska, Reggae, Blues, Country, and 70's/80's era Progressive Rock/Fusion.

Stay tuned, we are re-mastering our CD and should be ready for sale in a couple of months. Measnwhile, we've added a few selections to this page for your listening pleasure

"Music is the wine that fills the cups of silence" ~ Robert Fripp

"If it sounds good and it feels good, then it IS good!" ~ Duke Ellington