Jerry Kiedrowski - Keyboards:   A native of Milwaukee Jerry played the trumpet in high school and won several awards in state competitions. He discovered the school's "Arp Odyssey" synth and has been playing for 34 years. Jerry played in a number of different known bands until he came upon "Radio Silence" in 1986. After a few post Radio Silence projects Jerry and his family moved to the Lexington, Kentucky area in 1999. Jerry started a successful IT business in 2004 Before moving home to Wisconsin in 2013 to reunite with family. Jerry is a Technical Consultant for Ontech Systems, Inc. in Menomonee Falls, WI. His influences are George Duke, Jeff Lorber, Chick Corea, and Eddie Jobson to name a few.

Rick Hill - Bass:   Rick has been playing bass guitar since he was 14. He started music by playing alto sax in grammar school and moving on to the Bari Sax by High School. He was asked to play electric bass for high school Jazz band and Rick hasn't looked back since. Rick had his first paying gig at 17 after joining the Waukegan local musicians union and joining the local horn band, Rise (formed by Rex Merriwether - eventual member of Maynard Ferguson band). He has played with variety of bands over many years. 

Rick has been a follower of many genres of music from the progressive sounds of Rush, Kansas, Yes and Genesis, to the fusion of Steely Dan, Al Dimeola, Return to Forever, and a mixture of classic rock, soul, and R&B thrown in as well. Rick has been influenced by a wide variety of styles and playing techniques. All of which he hopes to employ in his new partnership with Harmonic Maneuvers.

Mike Kulik - Guitar:   Mike started playing guitar at 13 and has been involved in many bands and projects over the past 40 years. Most notable were "Sense", a Progressive Rock quintet that released it's only EP in 1984, and also covered bands like Genesis, UK, and Frank Zappa. "Vienna" was a 3 piece playing original music influenced by The Police, King Crimson, and Brand-X. "Radio Silence" was the pinnacle. They wrote and performed jazz infused originals and cover tunes no other band would attempt. Mike is the originating member of Harmonic Maneuvers, he enjoys time with family and friends. Mike is a Senior Account Manager at The Marek Group in Waukesha, WI.

Steve DeAngelis - Drums:    Steve is from Southeast, WI, married with kids, and started playing drums at the age of 7. Steve's pro/semi-pro experience includes Jazz, Rock, and  Symphonic Ensembles. His influences include, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, and Neil Peart. Steve is also the drummer for the local classic rock band "Orphan", and  a Marketing Professional




Photographs provided by Lori Kulik of

LK Photography.

Concert Support

Art Gotz
Live sound and recording engineer.

Art brings many years of experience with not only live sound, but live recording. You can see him hiding behind the cigar smoking woman...  

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